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top rated best perfumes 2019

After immense research and testing, we selected 10 top-rated best perfumes of 2020.

Perfumes are a combination of unique ingredients that create a very pleasant smell. Every perfume has its own characteristics and different effect on people. Perfumes are used to keep that unpleasant body odor at bay.

And that’s not where it ends, the type of fragrance you wear says a lot about your personality. Certain fragrances give off a very seductive vibe making a person look even more attractive, while others give off an energetic vibe.

Some useful Tips about 10 Top-rated Best Perfumes of 2020

Some perfumes have a relaxing scent, while others have a more explosive scent. It entirely depends on what you select to wear, and it can ultimately affect your mental image in a person’s mind.

It is important to carefully consider which perfume to wear as certain perfumes can be inappropriate for some occasions. For example, a perfume that has that provocative scent cannot be worn daily as it is best to wear it on a date or when you are out partying.

You can wear it to work too, but it will attract too much attention if that’s what you are looking for then go for it. As I said before, it all depends on your personality. Some people wear bland and everyday perfumes to special evenings too.

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In this article, we will discuss the top-rated best perfumes of 2020 for both genders. You will find the best perfumes for men all around the world and exceptional perfumes for women as well. We will talk about when is the best occasion to wear these perfumes as well.

Now let’s move on to the review section. ( 10 Top-rated Best Perfumes of 2020 )

01. La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme:

Lancôme is a French luxury perfume and cosmetics company. Lancôme has made many top-rated fragrances for both men and women. It has always received positive reviews from people all around the world and is considered a top brand. La vie Est belle by Lancôme has an amazing scent.

The La vie est belle is a French expression meaning “Life is beautiful.” It introduces a new fragrance story, the first-ever iris gourmand perfume.

Its juice is made of very rare and natural ingredients. It is basically a modern version of oriental fragrance but with a touch of gourmand. It is also the top-rated best perfume of 2019.

Gourmand is a group of synthetic edible notes like honey, vanilla, chocolate, candy, and more. These are called “foodie fragrances” and can be both feminine and masculine. They blend well with non-edible notes like patchouli or musk.

Iris has that powdery floral scent with a touch of old feelings. Kind of like the smell of earth after a rainstorm. While Patchouli has a very strong, slightly intoxicating yet sweet scent.

La vie est belle entangles the elegance of iris with the strength of Patchouli and the sweetness of a gourmand blend; for a scent so incredible with great depth and complexity.

This fragrance uses Iris as its top note. Its elegance acts as the backbone of the fragrance and lasts quite long. While patchouli is used as a middle note as it gives more depth and strength to the overall fragrance and gourmand as base notes, just add a burst of sweetness to the perfume.

You will definitely love this perfume for its sweetness and longevity.

The bottle is a modern take on “The Crystal Smile” created in 1949 by artistic director George Delhomme. It captures the perfect example of femininity.

  • Great Longevity
  • Romantic
  • Great projection
  • Might not be suitable for day time use as it leans more on the romantic side. Depends on personal preference

02. Can Can by Paris Hilton:

Paris Hilton is a famous celebrity that has ventured into the world of perfume making business. She has launched her fourth fragrance for women with Can Can being her seventh launch in general.

Paris says this perfume was inspired by the film Moulin Rouge and the song Lady Marmalade.

This fragrance is a mixture of many floral and fruity scents that will elevate your experience. It contains clementine blossoms, black currants, nectarines, wild orchid., orange blossoms, musk, and woodsy notes.

Clementine has a very complex scent. It has more of a crisp citrus aroma. While blossom, on the other hand, has a very bitter-sweet aroma.

Black currant smells like a rich blend of fruits and juicy berries, highlighted by citrus and wrapped in a blend of floral vanilla scent. Nectarine has a very intensive peachy scent to it.

Wild orchid offers you a fading scent of summer. Whereas orange has a very summery and fresh scent but has a woodsy and musky smell as a base note, which is a perfect unisex scent.

So you must think that this perfume has a very weird mix and that it is all over the place, I assure you that is not the case.

These ingredients blend with each other perfectly, enhancing the scent of one another in a way that creates a very floral and fruity mix with a hint of musk.


The top note opens with clementine, blossoms, black currant, and nectarines; these create a very fruity scent that is quite pleasing. The middle note is a mix of wild orchid and orange blossom that give it the summery, fresh vibe.

Whereas the endnote has amber, musk and woodsy notes which give it that earthy, dark scent so that it isn’t leaning too much on the feminine side and is a perfect mix.

This perfume is perfect for young ladies, preferably under 25, as it gives off a youthful, energetic vibe.

  • Perfect for young women
  • Energetic vibe
  • Some women might find it too immature and fruity for their taste.

03. Eros Eau de Toilette by Versace:

Versace is an Italian fashion company that has made many fragrances as well. It has recently launched a new fragrance for men – Eros inspired by Greek mythology. 

This fragrance is named after the Greek god of love and son of goddess Aphrodite. Greece has always been an inspiration for Versace since the very start. Even the symbol of Versace is off the goddess medusa.

In the past 5 years, no perfumes were launched for men, but now Eros was launched, aiming for men. Donatella Versace wanted this fragrance to fit the concept of Versace that is Greek mythology, along with creating a fragrance that releases unrestrained passion and accentuates desire.


Eros has a very unique mixture of ingredients. It includes mint oil combined with green apple and Italian lemon. This gives off a citrus scent that is meant to evoke summer in the Mediterranean, it blends perfectly with the mint oil.

Tonka provides its warmth when mixed with Venezuelan ambroxan, which gives off a very rich and radiant sweet, marine odor; it adds an expanse to fragrances, creating space in which beautiful nuances can dance.

Whereas geranium flowers give off a sweeter and floral scent that creates a fougere twist to the fragrance this way.

The bottle of Eros is blue and is designed in a way that has the head of the Greek Goddess Medusa on its body and on its top, which gives it a very elegant yet masculine look, perfect for men all around the world.

It portrays genuine masculinity through its luminous aura, giving off a blend of freshness and confidence. It’s the kind of perfume that you’ll spray once on your suit, and the scent will stay there for weeks. Sounds amazing, right?

  • Perfect for young women
  • Energetic vibe
  • Can be a bit too loud if sprayed more than once

04. Sauvage Eau De Toilette by Dior:

Christian Dior is the number one French luxury goods company. Dior has created many good fragrances in the past for both men and women. It has now launched an exceptional fragrance for men, Sauvage.

This is the best-selling men’s perfume and is still a top-rated best perfume in 2019.

The name originates from the fragrance Eau de Sauvage launched in 1966, and it means “Wild,” which suits it best as it has been inspired by the wilderness, open spaces, blue sky that covers rocky landscapes, hot under the desert sun.


This perfume has a mixture of fresh and wild scents. The top note opens with Calabria bergamot that has a very clear, fresh, tangy, and lemon-like scent.

Its fruits-sweet scent has a refreshing effect on the body and soul of a person, which makes it perfectly suitable for this fragrance by Dior.

This fragrance, when encounters ambroxan, obtained from ambergris, leaves a trail of woody, musky scent that makes you feel like you’re in a forest, in the wilderness.

It has spices in it as middle notes like Sichuan pepper and pink pepper in addition to lavender and vetiver oil, which gives it a very rich, fresh, crispy, and spicy scent.

Whereas adding geranium and patchouli just balances out the spicy and crispness and gives it a woodier, deep and musky feel. Labdanum and cedar constitute its base notes, which also give it a fruity, woody, dark scent.

For modern men, this is the perfect perfume as it will put you in class.

Dior explains it as “A composition distinguished by a raw freshness, a fragrance that’s both powerful and noble,” which is perfect considering the scent it gives off due to the perfect blend of different ingredients.

  • Long-lasting
  • Gives off noble vibes
  • Might be too soft for some men

05. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture:

Juicy Couture is a clothing brand based in California. It has launched many perfumes before, and they have been loved mostly. However, its all-time best selling perfume has been Viva La Juicy. This perfume was made for those women who love late night parties and clubs.

The fragrance Viva La Juicy was presented as a gourmet floral fragrance. It opens with a note of wild berries and juicy Mandarin, which gives it that playful vibe that it needs. Its middle note encompasses a perfect blend of floral honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine.

Honeysuckle has a very intoxicating and sweet smell, but it is very hard to make it last, and many fragrance makers have to struggle a lot with this task.

While gardenia gives it a sultrier vibe, it is as intoxicating as an exotic perfume and Jasmine balances everything out, making it more feminine.

Its base notes are filled with a gourmet rhapsody of caramel, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and pralines. These ingredients give it an even more sweet smell with a hint of woody scent due to the use of sandalwood.

One would think that it will smell very sweet with the ingredients used, but the blend is almost perfect, making it neither too sweet nor too woody.

The bottle of the perfume is a typical Juicy Couture bottle with a charming ribbon of fuchsia color at the top. The designer created this perfume to deliver a playful vibe to the wearer while still maintaining its femininity.

This perfume will leave a remarkable seductive fragrance and is best to wear out on a date or a party. You can still wear it to work, as I said before, it all depends on your personality.

  • Average Longevity
  • Average sillage
  • Fruity floral scent
  • May be too sweet for some people

06. Eau de Parfum by Jimmy Choo:

Jimmy Choo started his career as a designer known for creating iconic shoes, he then quickly changed his position to the designer perfume industry.

Since 2011, his brand has created many top-rated perfumes for both men and women, and now his brand has almost 30 different perfumes to offer to the public. Jimmy Choo’s best-selling spray is Eau de perfume for women

It was developed with the help of a fragrance maker that is Olivier Polge. This perfume is loved by many due to its feminine and seductive vibe. The perfume has a very unique woodsy scent that makes it suitable for everyday wear.


Its top note opens with green flora with just a hint of pear mixed with Mandarin orange. This gives it a more complex scent with a touch of fruitiness and a slight hint of citrus aroma, a perfect blend for this perfume.

It’s middle, or heart note consists of a single scent that is freshly-cut orchids. These give it a lemonier, citrusy scent.

However, what really impresses the users is this perfume’s base or bottom notes. It contains a mixture of patchouli and toffee.

This gives it a very soft yet sweet feel. This perfume also delivers a slight bubbly scent that is very strong yet relaxing. Women will overall love their scent. It can be worn on regular days or even on a date.

Jimmy Choo not only focused on the fragrance but also on the bottle too. Its bottle was created in such a unique fashion that it is beautiful enough to be put on a display. Any woman searching for best Jimmy Choo perfume can end their search here.

  • Great longevity
  • Good silage
  • A subtle gourmet floral fragrance
  • Its woodsy notes can be a bit too prominent

07. Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria’s secret is a very popular American brand that has created many products for women in the past and still continues to make more. It also has launched many perfumes, of which its best-selling one is “Bombshell.”

This perfume has always been every women’s favorite and you will get to know why.

Confidence and glamour in a light-as-air mist of Bombshell. Bombshell is a fragrance made with a timeless mix of fresh-cut exotic flowers and afternoon sun, giving it a more seductive vibe. It is perfect when paired with an Eau de parfum for a more lasting appearance.


Bombshell has a fruity floral smell, also known as the “LBD of fragrance.” Its top note is a mix of purple passion fruits, Shangri-La peony, and vanilla orchid. Passion fruit gives it a more intense, exotic, and tropical scent.

Whereas vanilla orchid balances out the intensity with a fruitier scent. Peony gives it that fresh floral note that perfectly blends with it. This gives off a more luxurious scent.

 It has jasmine, berries, and peony as its middle notes that give it a more floral and feminine vibe that it needs. Jasmine adds to the femininity of the perfume, while berries give it a slightly wild, aromatic scent.

Its base notes include musk and wood notes, which give it a woodsier and deep feel to the overall fruity and floral scent.

The bombshell by Victoria’s Secret is a perfume that comes with an irresistible and charming fragrance. The perfume will deliver a sexy and feminine scent that is very appealing to men and women both. You can easily use this perfume on your regular working days or even if you are going for a romantic evening.

  • Seductive and feminine
  • A great summer perfume
  • Perfect for the daytime.
  • Citrus notes can be a bit too loud for some people
  • Not suitable for winter

08. Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs:

Marc Jacobs is indeed one of the most famous American fashion designers that have made many clothing items as well as makeup for women and has recently dived into the world of fragrances. One of the top-rated perfumes by Marc Jacobs is “Daisy Eau so fresh.”

The youthful charm and elegance of Daisy by March Jacobs teleports you to a complete dimension, a place that is beautiful, optimistic, and pure in its own way.

Daisy, when launched, revealed a very fruity with very pleasant green, floral, and powdery accords. It has a fruity top note that opens with wild berries like strawberries, which gives it that fruity scent, along with grapefruit and violet leaf.

The intensive green and fresh aroma it has is due to violet leaf. The sparkling pink grapefruits give it that fun scent found in the beginning.

How it feels:

Its heart beats in floral rhythm, the fragrance has many exotic flowers and fruits in it for the intensive feel.

Jasmine gives it a more intoxicating floral smell along with other ingredients like rose paired with violet, apple blossoms, and lychee fruit, which give it a very fresh and tropical touch that balances out the floral and fruity scent.

The base note has white woods, musk, and vanilla, which add to the amazing scent of this perfume. They give it the right amount of depth it needs along with a woodsy trail that can very relaxing.

The scent of Daisy can be better described as a floral-woody fragrance that has a very fresh and calming effect on your nerves while being very much feminine at the same time. It’s like this perfume was specifically made for the more sophisticated and seductive women, but it’s not as complex as other perfumes.

The bottle has a very beautiful daisy on its top, giving it a very cute vibe. The bottle was crafted to look so beautiful that it can be placed on the display

  • Cute bottle
  • Good longevity
  • Nice berry top notes
  • The projection is very light.

09. Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf:

Viktor and Rolf is a fashion house that specializes in creating avant-garde and conceptual designs. They have also made many fragrances in the past. Viktor and Rolf are basically the male equivalents of the flower bomb fragrance and the second men’s fragrance after antidote.

They wanted to give men a fragrance that is like a flower bomb for women while keeping in mind that flower notes are feminine, while spice notes lean more on the masculine side.

Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf was created with the help of Olivier Polge, who blended the spices with sensual undertones with great mastery. This gave spice bomb a more extroverted and oriental vibe. Having a woodier and spicy composition.

While blending, Olivier created two different and dramatically opposite fragrant accords. One being the addictive and fiery one while the other being explosive and icy.


The fiery one contains spices like chili, leather, saffron, tobacco, and vetiver. This gives it a deeper, dark yet a bit sweet scent, not too sweet though.

The explosive one has a mix of a variety of ingredients like pink pepper, grapefruit, bergamot, and elemi. Elemi gives this Fragrance a very sharp balsamic-spicy scent with a hint of lemon as well.

However, it is not as thick and deep as amber. Bergamot gives it that perfect mix of citrus as well as a spicy-floral scent that blends almost perfectly with the rest of the ingredients giving it explosive and evocative scent.

The bottle was designed by Fabian Baron in a way that looked like a hand grenade, and the trigger has the logo of the company on it. Look amazing and unique, right? The cologne isn’t any less impressive, it is addictive and zesty at the same time.

One thing I can assure you is that it will turn heads wherever you go, and you will get many compliments as well.

  • Good longevity
  • Good sillage
  • Evocative
  • It can be very strong.

10. Valentino Uomo for Him:

Valentino is an Italian clothing company that has made its name in the world. Throughout the years, Valentino has launched many fragrances for both men and women.

Its best-selling fragrance for men is Uomo Eau de toilette, a roman fragrance made of high-quality ingredients. This fragrance has been promoted in sunny Venice.

The idea behind creating this fragrance was to keep the classics in mind. So, it aims at men who prefer that classy feel and casual vibe at the same time.


Uomo Eau de toilette was made with the help of a renowned perfumer, Olivier Polge. He created this fragrance with the traditional pyramidal concept in the mind that is top, heart, and bottom notes.

The fragrance opens with a composition of bergamot and myrtle. Imagine you are wandering in Italy, through a golden lit citrus grove that is the type of vibe or scent you get from the bergamot.

It has a very evocative scent with a hint of spice in it. Myrtle, on the other hand, has a very strong, intoxicating, sweet, and refreshing scent to it. It is very relaxing due to its subtle sweetness.

The heart of the fragrance is a combination of roasted coffee and gianduja cream. The roasted coffee beans give it that subtle sweet and fresh smell. Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee?

The addition of coffee beans made this perfume even more addicting along with gianduja, which is a mixture of hazelnuts and chocolates, which give it that perfectly balanced sweetness needed for the spices added before.

The perfume has a very rich base made of cedar and leather that gives it the perfect amount of depth and muskiness needed. The soft smoky blend of the woody elegance of cedar is shaken up by the vanilla accord.

The bottle has the iconic Valentino studded design, which was inspired by Roman architecture, a significance of Valentino couture.

  • Long-lasting
  • Classy
  • Elegant bottle and cologne
  • It doesn’t have much of a projection.


So the article ends here.

We have discussed top-rated perfumes of 2019 for both men and women. Our personal recommendations would be Sauvage for men and bombshells for the ladies. These fragrances are the perfect choice for everyday wear and special evenings, as well.

It depends on the person’s personality, what he chooses to wear. We hope we were able to help you find the perfume that best suits your personality, let us share your thoughts in the comment section down below. We would really appreciate it if you did.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section below and share this post with your perfume lover friends.

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