Best Berkey water filter consumer reports 2020

Clean drinking water is no longer just a luxury but an absolute necessity. With the realization of the health dangers involved in the consumption of unclean water, water filters have become more common.

Chemical compounds and biological impurities in water pose a serious threat to one’s health. Water purification is a means of making clean, pure drinking water by removing the majority of the contaminants.

Contaminants that usually make the water unhealthy for consumption include; parasites, algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other suspended particles.

This water purification can take place at various scales; on a smaller scale, water purification is very common within the home.

Although simple practices like boiling the water are frequently used, in cases where water carries a high degree of impurities, water filters are used.

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Common Types of Water Filters

Water filters are numerous and varied, each with their distinct features. Let us first look at the common most types of water filters available in the market.

a) Carbon filters

A carbon filter is a very economical device, and one of the most common types of filter which is commonly used in beverage and ice purification.

Carbon filters make use of carbon, which is an excellent natural absorbent of impurities present in water. Most carbon filters rely on the use of a block of carbon to purify water by passing it through it.

These filters usually also have a membrane that offers extra protection. There are various densities of carbon that can be used to filter debris of different sizes.

b) Chloramine filters

Although more expensive than most other types of filters, these filters work effectively against impurities that many other filters are not able to remove.

Chloramine works more efficiently than average chlorination for water purification. Chloramine, however, is as dangerous as chlorine in terms of toxicity for water organisms.

Chloramine filters resolve this dilemma. With these filters, you can use chloramine to purify water without any negative side-effects. These filters remove chloramine, its odor, and taste.

c) Scale inhibiting filters

These filters are commonly used in food services and act as scale preventers, instead of removers. Scale varies in size and shape from crystals to soft powdered scale.  Scale in water is caused by variations in temperature and pressure. What scale inhibitors do is prevent the build-up of scale.

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Berkey water filter consumer report

Here are our TOP 05 Best Berkey water filter consumer reports:

1. Travel Berkey Water Filter 
2. Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed water filter
3. Berkey Black Berkey Purification Elements
4. Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop water filter
5. Berkey Light Gravity-Fed Water filter

Berkey Water Filter – Buyer Guide

01. Travel Berkey Water Filter

If you are an enthusiastic camper r love the outdoors more than your home, this is just the thing for you. This water filter provides complete water filtration with the removal of all harmful contaminants without need any power connection.

This 1.5 gallons stainless steel filter will last your entire journey with no hassle involved. All you need to do is fill the container with water that needs to be purified and wait for it to do its magic!

Another feature that makes this ideal for camping expeditions is the compact size and shape. You will face no storage problems during your travel with this filter.

Travel Berkey has two kinds of filters; 2 Black Berkey Filters and 2 Fluoride Filters. The fluoride filters can remove Fluoride, metal ions, and Arsenic.

With the Travel Berkey Water filter, you can remove harmful chemicals, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and cysts, making it an ideal purifier for water from lakes, streams, or ponds. It purifies water at a rate of up to 2.5 gallons in an hour.


  • It has 2 fluoride filters and 2 Black Berkey
  • Compact and hassle-free for travel: no need for pressure or electricity to start the filtration process.
  • The filters are approved by State, and EPA accredited labs as meeting the minimum standards.
  •  Assembled in the USA
  • Stores and purifies 1.5 gallons of water at a time
Berkey water filter consumer reports

2. Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed water filter

This Travel Berkey is all you need on a long journey. It has the ideal water capacity of 1.5 gallons, which can serve 1-3 people for a day, and the powerful purification system will ensure that you stay healthy when you have no pure water source.

This water filter is 18” tall and has a diameter of 7.5”, a size compact enough to be easily portable.

It has a Black Berkey Purification Elements, which makes it 99.9999% efficient in killing viruses and 99.9999% effective in removing bacteria.

Not only that, it also removes protozoa (cryptosporidium, for example), inorganic minerals, trihalomethanes, pharmaceutical drugs, and heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic.

This powerful purification system will eliminate any danger of drinking water in the wild.

The Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed filter is economical and needs infrequent repair. It can last up to 6,000 gallons before any form of repair is needed.

Another of the features that contribute to its feasibility is the fact that it requires no electricity or plumbing. You can get fresh, nourishing water anywhere you are!


  • Tested by third-party laboratories for contamination removal and monitored for PFCs and lead
  • 1.5 gallons storage capacity
  • 7.5” in diameter and 18” tall
  • Effective contamination removal by Black Berkey Purification Elements tested and approved for its effectiveness
  • Needs repair after 6000 gallons use and is very cost-effective in terms of repair and maintenance
Berkey water filter consumer reports

3. Berkey Black Berkey Purification Elements

With Berkey Black Berkey Purification Elements, you will need not to fear consuming contaminated water and suffering bad health. 

The Arsenic and Fluoride Reduction Element in its filters guarantees a 99.9999% virus removal., 99.9999% pathogen removal, reduction in protozoa, inorganic minerals, trihalomethanes, heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, VOCs, petroleum products, rust, sediment, silt, radiological, and perfluorinated chemicals.

The Arsenic and Fluoride reduction elements ensure that sodium fluoride, fluorosilicic aicd, sodium fluorosilicate, arsenic V, other heavy metal ions, and pre-oxidized Arsenic 3 are absorbed.

The filter is long-lasting and needs only occasional replacement, after 6000 gallons, to be precise.


  • 10.3 x 7.6 x 10.3 inches, and a weight of 3.1 pounds
  • Arsenic and Fluoride Reducing elements
  • 99.9999% removal of harmful viruses and bacteria
  • The removal exceeds ANSI/NSF and EPA standards
  • Needs repair after approximately every 6000 gallons
  • Tested for contamination removal by third party laboratories
Berkey water filter consumer reports

Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop water filter

The Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop filter has 2 Fluoride elements, 2 Black Berkey Filters, 1 knob, 1 easy-flow spigot, and 2 hole plugs. When you think about drinking water filtered by this filter, you have nothing to fear about.

You can rest assured that the water is as pure as it can be. In comparison to competitors, this filter has a far more powerful filtration system.

Tests have revealed that the filter removes pathogens 100% (which makes it a purifier instead of a simple filter) and removes 95% fluoride.

The Berkey fluoride filters that absorb the fluoride are attached to the bottom of the container and rests in the bottom chamber.

The filters can last up to 1000 gallon filtration; it needs infrequent repair. The filter is available in elegant stainless steel (High Grade 304 Stainless Steel) with a 3000 gallons capacity.

Although there are 2 fluoride and 2 Berkey Purification elements given, it has the capacity to carry four of each. All the aforementioned features make this filter the best option for small families, to use during travel or outdoor activities.


  • Powerful purification of both raw water and that from streams, lakes, ponds, or other natural sources
  • 100% pathogen removal and 95% fluoride absorption
  • 2 fluoride filters and 2 black Berkey filters
  • 2.5 gallons of storage capacity
Berkey water filter consumer reports

Berkey Light Gravity-Fed Water filter

This portable water filter is all you need for convenient and safe water filtration and healthy living. With a capacity of 2.75 gallons (from 1-5 people for a day) and an efficient water purification mechanism, this water filter has it all.

In addition to the given filtration elements, you can also fit in more of these elements. The powerful purification system removes 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, making the water absolutely safe to consume.

It also effectively removes protozoa, inorganic minerals, trihalomethanes, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, and much more.

If you end up buying this filter, you will not have to worry about maintenance constantly. It only needs repair after 6000 gallons.

Moreover, with every element, you add the span before repair increases by 6000 gallons! The fact that it requires no electricity, plumbing, or tools makes it all the more feasible and convenient to use.

Like many other Berkey water filters, this filer also meets the Berkey Water Filter Consumer Reports.


  • Tested by multiple third-party laboratories for contamination removal. Lead and PFC checks are also made by independent parties.
  • 2.75 gallons storage space
  • Powerful purification via removal of fluoride and many other harmful contaminants
  • 21” tall and 9” in diameter
Berkey water filter consumer reports

Buyers guide: Finding the right water filter

There are a range of factors that have made it all the more necessary to get a water filter installed to purify your drinking water.

The unregulated entry of chemicals in water, possible fallibility on behalf of the water department, risk of unsafe pipeline infrastructure, and unhealthy fluoride levels all increase risks on unpurified water consumption.

If you are planning on buying a water filter for your home, it is certainly a wise decision. Here are some tips to help you in making the right decision.

1) Get to know the specific details of the available options

Different water filters have different filtering systems, as mentioned above. Nearly all filters have a carbon filtration mechanism, but those with more than one system are the most effective because various contaminants are best filtered out by different filters.

Common filter types include ceramic, carbon, metal alloy, carbon block, and reverse osmosis filters. All have their own strengths and weaknesses, but it is best to go for the water filter with more than one type of filtration mechanism.        

2) Ascertain the effectiveness of the filter

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has set standards for acceptable levels of contamination reduction for different contaminants.

The minimum reduction level of each contaminant has been established, and if the filter meets the criteria, it receives certification.

A filter only needs to attain the minimum level of contaminant reduction for the contaminants it claims to remove, in order to receive certification.

3) Go over the Performance Data Sheet

Remember to go over the Performance Data Sheet for the filter and take note of the number of contaminants removed and the level of reduction for each contaminant.

You may have to choose between two products, each of which has received certification, but go for the one that removes more contaminants and better.

How are viruses removed by Berkey water filters?

Berkey water filters have micro pores small enough to filter out small particles like food color particles, bacteria and, viruses. The filter traps these particles as only water molecules can pass through it.

Do Berkey filters remove plastic waste?

Water contaminants include certain types of plastics like Bisphenol A and 11-Dichloroethane. Yes, Berkey filters are able to remove these plastic products and purify the water. The pores of the filters are small to remove these impurities.

Can Berkey water filters filter out kerosene?

Yes, indeed, it can. Petroleum-based products are quite easy to remove from water. Tests have proven that Berkey can remove 99.9% of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oil, refined oil, and mineral spirits. However, there is still the risk that the purification can overwhelm the filtration elements.

How does Sport Berkey filter purify water?

Sport Berkey filters can remove a number of harmful contaminants efficiently. These include toxic chemicals, trihalomethanes, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, detergents, undesirable odors and tastes, and pesticides. Like Black Berkey Purification systems, the Sport Berkey elements can remove most of the harmful contaminants.

Is it true that I should replace the Berkey water after 3 days?

Yes, it is recommended to replace Berkey water every three days. In cold environments, however, the water can be stored for more extended periods. This measure is a means of conserving water with caution. It is recommended because water purification by Berkey filters removes chemicals that remove bacteria.

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