How Long Do Perfumes Last? A Guide For Perfume Lovers

How long do perfumes last

The perfumes we love are the ones we wish to bathe in, but also the ones we use greedily to make sure they last long enough.

However, studies have revealed that keeping perfumes for a long time start to smell differently after some time, say two years or so. Why is that?

This is major of how long do perfumes last is the fact that perfumes also have a life. Yes, they expire. A perfume bottle stored in a nice dry place will last not more than 4 to 5 years, depending upon the usage.

Moreover, another feature that controls how long perfumes last is the ingredients and constituents it is made up of.

Perfumes that have a high ratio of natural ingredients like citrus are more likely to turn worse than the ones with less natural ingredients.

The root used in perfumes is also not similar in every case. Roots are the base of flowers used as a major ingredient to make perfumes.

How Long Do Perfumes Last?

  • Normally, people should ponder over the scent of their perfume after a year. If it smells or appears differently, it is the right time to change it.
  • If you wish to use your favorite perfume for a longer, here is what you can do it increase its life!
  • Store your perfume in a cool place. If you do not have any issue extending your vanity to the kitchen, you can keep your perfumes in the fridge.
  • Select a place where there is little to no light.
  • Make sure the place is not very hot. Excessive heating causes the components inside to oxidize the scent, which is the last thing you want.
  • Avoid moisture and direct sunlight (wiki)

These easy hacks will help you to know how long do perfumes last so that you can use your favorite perfume for a longer period.

When is it time to throw your perfume?

A lot of us are unable to identify when it is high time to throw your perfume. Yes, the perfume is dear to you, but sadly, you have to let it go some time.  

See how it looks and smells

This is the first thing that you need to do to be sure that your perfume is up to no good anymore. Test it on your wrist and check if you witness any change in the scent.

If the fragrance is less potent, that’s another indication. Moreover, there are several occasions where the scent seems to have a touch of vinegar to it.

Furthermore, check your perfume bottle and see if there is less content in it. That’s one easy indication of your perfume running out. Try to notice whether the liquid has gone darker than its usual shade. If it’s opaquer, it is close to its expiration date.

Perfumes that contain vegetable oils along with natural citrus are more likely to expire first. Perfumes with less fat content will have a better life.

Look for the expiration date How Long Do Perfumes Last

This goes for all the products available in the market. Nearly all the perfumes available in the market today will have an expiration date written on their box. Keep the box safe or note down the expiration date before you throw away the package.

Batch Code and PAO

If you do not find the expiration date you can look for the batch code or PAO, Period After Opening. The bar code or the catalog number will help you locate the time of manufacturing so that you get an idea when it’s time to throw away the scent.

The batch code is there to highlight when or where the perfume was produced. Responsible perfume companies use this code for identification and quality control purposes. They also locate bad scented perfumes through the bar code.

Therefore, all original and branded perfumes will have their distinctive batch code you can use to gain significant information.

The Period After Opening PAO is the feature that highlights the number of months a product can be used after the seal is open. It is the date of usage before the expiration date.

If you are interested to know about other wonderful information, please visit our free perfume guide here.

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