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how to make oil perfumes?

While we talk about perfumes and how every person has his own distinct taste, we cannot highlight how different ingredients make up different kinds of perfumes. But how to make oil perfumes?

Oil-based perfumes are one example of a perfume that is made from oil fragrances. These tend to be way more concentrated which makes them live longer and have a stronger effect than alcohol-based perfumes.

Solved based alcohol perfumes contain diluted scents which are why having oil-based perfumes is always a plus.

The two homemade scents include solid and liquid. Making oil bases perfumes at home is actually something that can happen. With a few ingredients and some hard work, you will be able to make your own homemade fragrances in no time.

Solid Perfume

First, we have the recipe to make solid perfume. This will help you ace the ideal woody scent that is natural and fresh. There are a few things that you would need, which will blend well to help you create your very own brand. Take a look.

Things required:

  • 14g beeswax
  • 6 drops patchouli essential oil
  • 6 drops cypress essential oil
  • 2 perfume tins, 30ml each
  • 8 drops juniper berry essential oil
  • 45ml jojoba oil

The directions for making your solid oil-based perfumes are super easy. The first step is where you are required to melt the beeswax along with the jojoba oil. Melt it on a water bath.

In the second step, you will add your desired essential oils. The quantity and quality depend upon you. Once the natural oils and the beeswax are thoroughly mixed, pour the content into the blend. Let it rest for some time so that it cools down.

Cover the top with the tin to lock in the moisture. Once cool, your oil-based perfumes comprising of natural oils is ready. Store in a cool place and use it on your body whenever. The tin can be carried out in your bag or pocket.

How to make Oil-based liquid perfume?

how to make oil based perfumes

Next, we are going to talk about liquid oil-based perfumes. These are the ones made from somewhat the same ingredients used to provide a natural scent. You are not restricted with a woody fragrance, changing the oil type will help you get the scent of your own choice.

Things required:

  • 6 drops cedarwood essential oil
  • 10ml jojoba oil
  • 9 drops lavender essential oil
  • 15ml glass bottle
  • 15 drops frankincense essential oil

The steps involved to make oil-based liquid perfumes are simple. No extra complication is there. First, you will pour the jojoba oil in your container.

A 15ml glass bottle in this case. Next, you are required to add the essential oils in and mix the contents well. Shake gently until all the components are mixed well. And there you go, you are done. Enjoy!

How to store your natural perfumes?

Natural oils and other constituents of perfume have their own rate of evaporation. The perfumes would not work perfectly after some time if you do not store them in the right place.

Exposing perfumes to excessive light or heat will damage them even before the expiration date. If you do not want your perfume to deteriorate faster, you are required to keep your perfume in a place that has no direct sunlight and is moisture-free.

Keep your perfumes in dark-colored bottles. This trick is important to note as dark colors help reduce the effect of direct sunlight.

Get an air-tight bottle that is easy to use. Excessive heat, oxygen, moisture, and light are the major factors that compromise the fragrance.

You do not want to waste the amount of time and effort you have put in making your own oil-based perfume which is why you need to take care of these few things.

To get the best results, know that you are required to let the perfume sit on your body for some time so that it diffuses well into your skin.

What to expect after putting on your perfume?

  • The first step first, you are required to massage your skin with a lotion that has no distinct fragrance of its own. There are plenty available in the market.
  • Moreover, keeping the bottle of your perfume tightly closes is super important. This way your perfume will not evaporate and will last much longer. Otherwise, the constituents will come in contact with the environment and react.
  • Furthermore, it is also not the best option to go out in the sun after you have sprayed on your perfume. Know that the perfume you have recently put on has numerous ingredients that you are unaware of. Some ingredients are listed on the package, and many are not.


  • The harmful UV rays from the sun might cause a reaction; you do not want to be a victim too. So, avoid going out into the sun right after you put on your perfume.
  • It is always a good decision to investigate the ingredients the perfume is made from. Many chemicals have the potential of causing allergic reactions. Moreover, hormone disruption is another thing you should be aware of that is caused by perfumes. 
  • Therefore, people who have sensitive skin are always recommended to make their own perfumes. Making your own perfume is not a very hard task. You just have to know what scent you want.
  • After picking the flowers or the natural oils of your own style and taste, begin the process of making your own perfume at home.
  • Perfume making in the industry is a rather complex matter cause, after all, there are several chemicals involved. The perfumes are prepared by extracting the oils from natural substances like flowers and fruits.
  • Several processes are involved in this perfume making technique. Solvent extraction, steam distillation, and maceration are the common processes used. The content is mixed well with the special formula prepared by the respective brand.
  • The final content is tested first before the command is forwarded to other batches. The more the number of chemicals and processes involved, the more will be the price of the perfume. However, not every brand uses the same technique and ingredients, it can vary.

Are perfumes vegan?

This question may not be of interest to many, but for those it does, they deeply care whether or not perfumes are vegan or not. There are many perfumes that contain constituents from an animal.

If you are particular regarding what you like and dislike along with the vegan principle, you can always check the package. The package of your perfume contains the major ingredients used to make this perfume. You can look for the items you do not wish to use.

However, there is no major sign available on perfume packages that confirm whether it contains animal ingredients or not. Several perfumes have been tested to prove they are suitable for vegans to use.

Unisex Perfumes

This is a rather interesting topic which reveals whether a similar perfume can be worn by females and males both. Generally, all perfumes are, in fact unisex.

The choice varies from person to person, but perfume makers do not specify gender and are aware of the fact that many buyers of a certain perfume are both male and female.

No study has proven how a sweet or a woody scent is restricted to only females. If a man feels nice around a sweet floral scent, nothing is holding him from purchasing that particular perfume.

The wearer has the right to decide which smell he or she likes or not. Several women like men perfume which is categorized as masculine, but they wish to own them, and there is no written rule stopping them from doing so.

End Summary!

All You Need to Know About Perfumes

If we aim to talk about perfumes and highlight every area that is attached to it, we shall begin by understanding its history. Around 2500 years ago, the Romans and the Arabs worked together to manipulate the art of smoking into something that felt nice to be around with.

The History:

The word perfume comes from a Latin word that means “through the smoke.” The emperor Nero more than 2500 years ago would waft rose and jasmine oil into the air because he likes the fragrance. This is how the concept evolved into a perfume later.

It was until the 1200 BCE when a chemist known as Taputti, a woman who worked on ways to extract the scent from florals and store it to use later. On the island of Cyprus, the first perfume was manufactured using simple, yet extraordinary means was made.

Perfumes have been evolved into better and stronger constituents until then. Several brands are working with full effort to test and experiment with new variations every day to produce fragrances of all kinds.

The Common Question:

A common question that people ask regarding perfumes is that why does their perfume not have the same fragrance all day? How your perfume smells initially is not at all similar to how your clothes smell after returning home from a long day at work.

This is because there are three major notes in your perfume. Top note, the heart note, and the base note. The top note is the smell that hits you at the very beginning. It does not lie more than an hour. Next is the heart note.

The reason it is called the “heart note” is that it gives off a scent that is very close to the original fragrance of the perfume. The endnote is when the heart note ends after 4 to 5 hours. This is the smell that you feel coming from your clothes.

The Perfume Notes:

The top notes are delicate than the heart and base notes. They comprise constituents that do not last very long. Next comes the heart notes. These are the ones that contain all the major ingredients complimented with the chemicals available inside.

This is the actual fragrance of the perfume. The last is the base note that gives off a feeling of amber, musk or wood.

Today, people have also aced the art of making their own perfume whenever they want to and however, they wish to.

One can actually prepare perfume of his or her choice by selecting the right natural oils and flowers. Flower perfumes are easy to make. They are fun also do not take a long time to prepare.

Perfumes Can be Made at Home and can Stay Longer:

Perfumes can be made at home. You can prepare them with flowers or natural oils, the choice is yours.

A common question that people address is that their perfume does not stay long. The truth is, no perfume will last more than 6 hours. If you are under the sun, the number of hours your perfume will stay on you automatically decreases.

Therefore, do not worry if your new expensive branded perfume does not stay on you all day because no perfume will.

There are some ways which can be adopted to increase the life of your perfume. First, apply the perfume in the right areas of your body.

These areas include your pulse points such as wrist and inner elbow. Apply perfume also on your neck and the back of your neck. These places are ideal.

Spraying Perfume after Shower:

Moreover, it is a wise decision to spray perfume right after you have taken a shower. This is the time when your pores are open, and your natural body oils are ready to accumulate with other scents.

Spraying perfume at this stage will help the two fragrances to mix and complement each other to provide an enhanced fragrance.

Furthermore, using an unscented lotion before applying perfume is another way that will help you smelling nice all day long. Before applying perfume, you should moisturize your skin. This will help your skin lock in the perfume very well for better performance.

To make sure your perfume lasts a long-time user need to be vigilant regarding the place where they are going to store it. Keeping your perfume in an extremely hot place is a bad idea.

If you can, keep your perfumes in your fridge. Do not keep the bottle under direct sunlight as it will oxidize the components inside.

Life of Perfumes:

Perfumes mostly last around 5 to 6 years. This depends upon the usage as well. If you do not keep the bottle tightly closed or in a cool dry place it will run out faster.

Important Note:

Note that you are required to keep an eye for the expiration date as well so that you know when to purchase a new bottle. The batch code and POA help make the decision to finally throwing the perfume out.

Moreover, check the color of your perfume. If it does not look the way it did when you first bought it, it’s time to get rid of it. Note its scent too. Sometimes perfumes start to smell funny because they are expired now and no longer in use.


How do you use perfume for a long-lasting fragrance?

Fortunately, there are several ways that can help you make sure your perfume lasts longer than usual. If you are wondering why your perfume does not last long enough, it might be because you are not applying it right. Click here for more details.

Why does perfume smell better on the skin?

There are some factors like your skin type, body heat, body oils even the bacteria living on your skin that can affect how a perfume smells and how long it will remain with you. check the comprehensive guide here.

Which perfume do you use when you go out?

Scents can be very powerful when it comes to reflecting your personality; Perfumes can evoke memories, relieve stress and can even trigger sexual appetite which makes it crucial to find a perfume that is perfect for you.

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