How to Make Perfumes from Flowers? Easy to follow Steps

How to Make Perfumes from Flowers

Have you ever wondered how perfumes are made? Or how they were made a long time ago? The French initially made perfumes through flowers, by crushing and boiling the flowers and storing them in an air-tight bottle.

Today, to enhance the scent, perfumes companies add oils and other chemicals. However, originally perfumes would just be made with one simple ingredient: flowers.

But the question is, how to make perfumes from flowers? Well, many peoples agree with the fact that a perfume with a natural floral scent is the basic and the loveliest scent of all. It is direct, original, and sweet.

One can make perfumes with several other essential oils, base notes, and complex top notes. However, a perfume made with water and flowers will always be the king of all.

Many people are allergic to certain chemicals. Therefore, for them, making perfumes themselves with flowers is a great way to enjoy the scent their body is comfortable with. Making your own perfumes will eliminate harmful chemicals such as phthalates which can irritate the skin.

We bring you a simple guide through which you can make your own perfume by using the most simple and natural ingredients. The whole process is easy and fun. Common equipment is required, which means you can complete the whole process at home, in your very kitchen.

Many people wish to make perfumes for their loved ones. This is, in fact, a great gift where you do everything by hand with a lot of heart. Knowing the taste and preference of the recipient will make things even better.

Let me tell you, How to make perfumes from flowers?

How to Make Perfumes from Flowers
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What you need to to make perfumes from flowers?

  • Simple detailed thread through to make your own perfume!
  • Let’s start off by listing down the important things you would need.
  • 1-2 cups of flowers. Options include rose, lavender, and honeysuckle
  • Cheesecloth
  • Bowl with a lid on top
  • Distilled water 3 cups
  • Saucepan
  • An air-tight and properly sterilized bottle.

The steps to make perfume from flowers!

Know that making perfume requires one to be gentle and delicate. Do not rush things. Go slow and steady, and your result would be above your expectations.

  • The water petals must be properly washed before used. Clean dirt off them and sediment with water. Be gentle so that you don’t harm the petals.
  • In the next step, you are going to soak the flowers for some time in a bowl and cover it with the lid. Place the cheesecloth inside the bowl and put the flowers on it. Pour water on the flowers and cover the top with the lid. Soak overnight.
  • The next day, you are required to heat the content that has been soaking overnight. Remove the lid and gently channel the content into a small saucepan and also remove the cheesecloth and set aside the flowers. You are going to use the flower-scented water.
  • Simmer on low heat and the content will be heated to the extent that only a spoonful is left.
  • After cooling it, pour the content into the bottle and cap it immediately so that it remains pure. You are required to store this bottle in a cool, dry place.

These simple and easy steps will help you make your own perfume. You can experiment with different scents by using a combination of flowers of your own choice. The bottle will last for a month depending upon the usage.


The last step is where you decorate the bottle. You can give it a name of your own choice and paint or put stickers, whatever way you like. This DIY technique to make perfumes is actually pretty cool.

You can also try it!

There is also another way through which you can make your own perfume and this process is quicker. All you need to do it soak the highly scented flowers in a bowl of water and Squeeze the flowers deep into the water. You can use your fingertips.

Let the flowers soak in water for about an hour after which you are going to pour the content through a sieve and use the water. Put the content in a bottle and spray away! Yes, within 2 hours, your very own perfume is made.

Perfume Variations

How to Make Perfumes from Flowers

With a billion people in the world, with a billion preferences, there is no limitation as to the kinds of perfumes available in the market. There are various notes available that help contributes to a large pool of scents.

Perfumes are made when alcohol and water combine with essential oils. The solvents carefully combine the oils to produce fragrances that last a decent while. The variations are categorized, starting from the top to the middle notes and then, base notes.

Top Note

This is the fragrance that you witness in the very beginning. When you put on your perfume, you initially feel the top note. This is the aerial smell that is light and rich with oils. It does not last longer than 20 minutes.

However, if you put a heavy amount on you, the lifespan of the top note would increase. There are many types of top notes such as citrus, light floral and fruity scents.

Heart Note

This is the main essence of the perfume, which is why it called the “heart note.” This is the scent you will smell after the effect of your top note finishes.

Their effect lasts more than 4 hours giving off the original scent of the perfume.  Every perfume has its own distinctive smell that compliments the human body’s natural oils.

Base Note

This is the smell you feel after quite some time. Waking up to a significant smell or the distinctive smell that comes off your clothes is the base note. When the top note and the heart note base wades off, the base note compliments which is mostly heavy like woody, vetiver, and musk.

People with different personalities prefer different kinds of smell. Due to this, there is a large pool of options available in the market, along with an army of brands working hard to achieve distinctive fragrances.

This is how we arrive at another question, how to know which perfume is best for you? Are there are common attributes that help reach a conclusion?

In fact, one just simply knows when the perfume is good. No complications here, people just know that this is the one.

The fragrance is personal. Everyone has their own inclination towards things. Some people wish to try different scents all the time, and then some people want to stick to their favorite perfume. Moreover, some users are also loyal to the brand that they do not feel comfortable buying any other item.

The main basic notes are the ones that include floral, fresh, oriental, and woody. People also tend to wear perfumes according to the environment. Going out with friends is a casual hangout which is why one may not use their most expensive perfume.

Skin/body Chemistry

Skin chemistry is another factor that decides what you are going to buy. Some chemicals available in the perfume are harmful to the skin and can cause irritation. If your skin is sensitive, it is a good idea to check the ingredients at the back of the perfume box.

For more information, please visit: How To Choose The Right Perfume For Your Body Chemistry 

Do not just buy perfume right away. Buying the wrong perfume will not just hurt your skin, it can also give you severe headaches. You do not want to ruin the start of your day by putting on the wrong perfume. 

Please share your experience with us in the comment box below. Your positive critics will be highly appreciated.

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If you found this article helpful, please share it with friends and subscribe for our latest updates.

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