How to make perfumes last longer? | Guide for Perfume Lovers

how to make perfumes last longer

Who does not like to smell nice? While we aim to keep our surroundings pleasant, we also wish to have a great smell that suits our taste. Let’s explore how to make perfumes last longer

People go for best air fresheners, deodorants, perfumes, and what not to achieve this desire.

People use perfumes to smell nice and feel good about themselves and gain confidence. It highlights a positive image of themselves in society.

They have been in use for more than 200 years ago which further highlights their significance.

However, there are many occasions where we feel like the perfume we put on before leaving for work simply wears off lunchtime. Sad, right? There are several pocket-friendly perfumes available in the market that one can put on quickly to retouch the scent.

How to make perfumes last longer?

Fortunately, there are several ways that can help you make sure your perfume lasts longer than usual. If you are wondering why your perfume does not last long enough, it might be because you are not applying it right.

Here are some simple hacks that will help you know why your perfume doesn’t last long and what you can do about it.

  • Applying perfume right after a shower

This is one of the ways which ensure proper application for your perfume to last a decent amount. Studies have revealed that applying perfume right after your shower is a wise decision because that is when your pores are open.

Your body is clean and fresh, there is no sweat to counter the effect either. Dry off and apply your perfume right way!

Moisture before you put perfume

The next on our list of how to make perfumes last longer is the task of keeping your skin moist. To lock the fragrance, dry your skin, and apply moisture. Use unscented lotion.

  • Dab on your bare skin

Another hack that you might not have known about is applying perfume directly on your bare skin. We normally spray perfume on our clothes.

Another hack that you might not have known about is applying perfume directly on your bare skin. We normally spray perfume on our clothes.

  • Pulse points are important

Pulse points of your body are the ones that produce more heat than other parts of the body. Therefore, recognizing these pulse points will help you dab or spray perfume of areas that are likely to heat up more and release more scent.

The perfume will mix in with the natural oils of the body as the temperature rises. Common pulse points include your wrists, inner elbow, neck, and back of your knee.

Using Vaseline

Vaseline can do a lot! We all agree on that. Another way of making perfumes last longer is the use of Vaseline. If you dab a little amount of it on your pulse points, it will be able to lock in that perfume more.

Rub a small amount gently and spray perfume on it. It will lock the moisture for good and help you stay radiant and scented all day long. 

  • Avoid rubbing the fragrance in

If you used to rub the fragrance on your skin, you need to stop doing that as it has no advantage at all. Rubbing the perfume will only break the chemicals in your fragrance and will reduce their effect. Just dab or spray on your skin and let it loose.

  • Perfuming your hair

Another way to feel scented all day is by perfuming your hair. Yes, it works, and it is actually pretty cool. You can spray perfume on your already brushed hair or apply the scent on your hairbrush and brush through your hair nicely.

Make sure the perfume you are using does not have any harsh chemicals that might hurt your scalp. If by any chance your scalp starts to itch, stop right there.

Get lotions that compliment your perfume

This is a great way of keeping that scent on you for a good amount of time. Maximize your fragrance by buying lotions and perfumes that have almost the same scent as your perfume.

This will increase the chances of you keeping your favorite scent around you all the time.

  • Dabbing cotton balls on your skin at any part of the day

You might not have heard about this trick before because it seems time-consuming. However, the results are pretty worth it. All you need to do is get some cotton balls and apply your perfume directly on it.

Keep these cotton balls in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Keep the bag with you at all times. It wouldn’t be an issue since the plastic bag is super lightweight.

You can simply take out the cotton ball and rub it on your skin when you want to.

Pour the remaining perfume content into the bottle of your unscented lotion

The last remains of the perfume are almost hard to use as they do not come out from the nozzle. Therefore, if you do not want to waste your favorite perfume you can use every last drop of it by channeling the final remains into your lotion.

Your lotion will work just as fine!

  • Subtly scented clothing

Many people have a signature scent that can be recognized from their clothes. If you are also among those who want their clothes to smell a particular way, all you need to do is line your drawers with some tissue paper.

Sprint perfume on the tissue paper and place it on your clothes or somewhere inside your drawer. This will cause all the clothes inside to scent the same way.

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